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About Us

Penny Longobardo & Company P.A. is a certified public accounting and consulting firm which is positioned to meet the needs of our clients and their businesses. Currently serving clients across the United States and Canada, we at Penny Longobardo & Company P.A. bring more than 75 years of professional experience to our client service mission. And what exactly is our mission?

OUR MISSION is to make every client relationship a mutually beneficial, long-term, rewarding partnership. Our contributions to the partnership are the advanced training, technical expertise and financial know-how of our team and the ancillary affiliations of our firm. But we don’t view our technical excellence as a sufficient contribution. Therefore,

OUR GOAL is to provide unsurpassed technical expertise, coupled with our values of honesty and integrity, our belief in the benefits of hard work and the genuine joy we experience in the process of helping our clients achieve success. We truly believe that our success is a result of our clients’ success. We do not want to merely satisfy our clients, but rather to delight them by making our relationship memorable, valuable and profitable.

OUR APPROACH to this goal is to provide close, personal, pro-active attention to our clients’ needs; and to continue our firm’s investment of time and resources in professional education, in our state-of-the-art computer software and in our extensive business and community affiliations.

WE BELIEVE that words alone are cheap; trust is earned. We are committed to earning your trust each time we have an opportunity to serve you. Call us and let’s discuss your needs. We look forward to working with you!